>  Venice Biennale, 2009;
    Culture Kiosk / Souvenir art

>  Photography on Painting /
    Painting on Phtography

>  Dates "Professor Mer house"

>  Tel Aviv Now, Shoham Gallery

>  Devine Spirit, Shoham Gallery

>  Plants on the Ranch

>  Him and Her, Amiad Art Space

>  Thorns and Sweets
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Ilana Yaron’s paintings present the spectator, and those who take the time to dig deeper into their open and hidden messages, with a multiple experience. During the last few years, her work has been characterized by maturity and experimentation in the secrets of painting which she uses as a direct visual aid in order to express her feelings and thoughts. The dual meaning that appears in almost all of her works creates a tension of opposing forces, the possibility of a different and personal interpretation for those who take seriously the symbols and motifs appearing in her work.

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